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  • 1. Probiotics - 12 Strains and 13 Billion CFU's

  • 2. Prebiotics

  • 3. Gut Lining Support

  • 4. Digestive Enzymes

  • 5. Brain Booster*

Bio-Heal 5-In-1 Probiotic Powder

  • Does The Probiotic Work For People Who Do Not Have Autism or ADHD?

  • What is the Recommended Dosage and How Long Will 60 Servings Last?

  • How Young Is Too Young?

  • If I Stop Taking This Will Things Go Back To The Way It Was Before, Do I Have To Take This Forever?

  • Does Bio-Heal Need To Be Refrigerated?

  • I Have Already Tried Probiotics And They Didn't Work... What Makes This Bio-Heal Probiotic Better?

  • When Will I See Results?

  • What’s the best way to offer this probiotic to my child?

  • Are Bio-Heal's Ingredients Safe and Natural?

  • How Do I Know If I Need A High-Quality Probiotic?

  • Can Anyone Take Bio-Heal?

  • Are Probiotics Safe?

  • How Does It Taste?