Finally, A Multivitamin Strong Enough To Support The Physical, Mental & Emotional Development Of Children Diagnosed With Autism/ADHD

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It’s no secret...

Raising a child with an Autism or an ADHD diagnosis can feel like you’ve been strapped into a roller coaster...blindfolded.

(I speak from experience)

Some days can feel like a fun and extremely rewarding ride.

While other days, you’re gripping the handles and hanging on for dear life. 

Whether it’s the meltdown-marathons that were triggered by the lawnmower three houses down…

or feeling like a prisoner in your own house (locked in your bathroom to have a few minutes to yourself); just trying to survive the day and get to tomorrow.

A sad person

The fact is, being a parent of a child diagnosed with Autism is not for the faint of heart.

But there is a powerful supplement that may help lighten your load and dissolve some of your stress.

It’s called Multi+

It’s the first -- and only -- multivitamin
that uses a clinical formula composed of clinically proven, rare, and
potent ingredients proven to improve


✅ Focus   

✅ Attention

✅ Memory 

✅ Mood

Simply put, giving your child Multi+ once a day can balance out their mood, take the edge off of their symptoms and can help them improve their physical, mental and emotional development.


You might be thinking…

“How can a multivitamin help with Autism or ADHD?”

Well, before I answer that question...

Let me quickly introduce myself.

My name is Marty Orefice.

At the age of 3, my son was diagnosed with Autism.

Hellbent on a mission to help him reach his full potential, I dove into the tidal wave of research pouring out of Harvard and Johns Hopkins that showed a direct connection between gut health and brain health.

The connection was so strong that researchers are now referring to the gut as,

“The 2nd Brain”.


It’s ultimately the control center for physical, mental and emotional capacity and development.

Thanks to their cutting-edge research (that continues to be validated today) - I started Aspire Nutrition  (previously known as All-Star Nutrition) and teamed up with a group of industry leading chemists  and nutrition experts.

From there we started carefully creating high quality gut health supplements powerful enough to support the development of children diagnosed with Autism - and practical enough (undetectable taste and texture) that they would actually take it.

Over the last three years our specialized supplements have produced over 1249 5-star reviews (4.6 overall) and has been the catalyst in helping improve children's performance in the following areas:


A positive review
A five-star review

Digestion & Constipation

Another positive review

Improved Mood & Behavior

Two 5 star reviews
Another five star review

As impactful as our supplements have been - Multi+ is the “Superstar” supplement I've been itching to release and get into the hands of parents of children diagnosed with Autism or ADHD.

It’s our most well-rounded and robust supplement yet.

Now that you know a little bit about me - let’s quickly dive into why Multi+ should be in every kitchen - and how it can help ease symptoms and enhance development…


It’s a fact,

Most children diagnosed with Autism are deficient in most of the key vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed to support physical, mental and emotional development.

And the majority have an unhealthy balance of gut bacteria in their digestive tract.


A healthy balance of gut bacteria is needed to digest food and absorb the nutrients from it.

As a result, It’s difficult and uncomfortable for the kids to digest nutrient dense foods. AKA “healthy foods” containing the nutrients they’re deficient in. 

Even when you get them to put down the mac n’ cheese and eat some broccoli - they’re unable to absorb most of the nutrients from it due to their gut bacteria imbalance.


To make matters even more challenging...

Their body naturally wants to avoid the food it struggles to break down and digest (the healthy food containing the nutrients they need).

So, it tricks the brain into craving food that is easy to digest. 

AKA unhealthy processed foods like chicken nuggets, mac n’ cheese, chips, cookies, french fries (sound familiar?)

These same “unhealthy foods” are also the ones shown to contain the toxins proven to impede development in the following areas:    

✅ Hormones & mood (emotional stability)  

✅ Focus and attention    

✅ Memory   

✅ Muscular coordination and speech    

✅ Immunity (sickness)    

✅ Digestion (bloating and constipation)

Any of those symptoms ring a bell?

Like I said, It’s a vicious cycle.

This is where Multi+ steps up to the plate to reverse the cycle: SUPERIOR ABSORPTION

Multi+ is 3x more absorbent than standard name-brand multivitamins.

Meaning it can be quickly absorbed by the body - even if there’s an imbalance of unhealthy gut bacteria.

All of our vitamins go through a cutting-edge process where they get broken down to its purest and most digestible forms before being added to the formula.

Plus, thanks to TRAACS®, each one of our key minerals are protected from getting destroyed by unhealthy bacteria before the body can absorb it. Ensuring the kids get the full benefit of each mineral.

TRAACS® stands for The Real Amino Acid Chelate System -
It’s a powerful new technology used to protect minerals during digestion and allows them to be more readily absorbed by the body.

Next is the 4 Pillar Performance Formula

1- Cognitive Enhancement Stack (memory, focus, attention)

Gotu kola herb



Copper (TRAACS®)

Polyphenol whole food blend

Bacopa Leaf extract



 3- Immunity Stack

Vitamin C

Vitamin E


Zinc (TRAACS®)

Molybdenum (TRAACS®)


2- Physical Performance & Development Stack (Energy, bone health and eye-sight)

Vitamin A

Vitamin D

Pantothenic Acid/Vitamin B5

Vitamin K


Magnesium (TRAACS®)

Riboflavin/Vitamin B2

Manganese (TRAACS®)


4- Mood and Stress Relief Stack

Vitamin B12

Chromium (TRAACS®)

All 4 pillars were carefully crafted and combined into every serving of Multi+ for maximum effectiveness.

Check out the Supplement Facts below.

Multi+ is NON-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly

✅ Multi+ delivers the exact nutrients and proper dosages your child needs to thrive in a form they can actually digest, absorb and benefit from.

✅ In turn, they become less deficient in key nutrients and their gut begins to balance out and become efficient at digesting healthier foods.

✅ As a result, the cravings slowly trickle away - because the body now feels comfortable digesting the nutrient rich foods - and kids begin gladly eating healthier foods without putting up the fight.


Cycle Reversed!

“Ok, this is Awesome. But will my kid take it?”

As a father of a child diagnosed with Autism, I know firsthand how even the slightest hint of taste or texture can lead to a tantrum.

That’s why we created a flavorless formula, packed into 2 small capsules that can be opened and poured into juice, yogurt, or smoothies without being detected by even the pickiest palates.

Simply put,

Nutrition and a specific combination of key vitamins and minerals that fuel development and performance is the missing link for most children diagnosed with Autism to reach their full

The problem is, “how do you ensure your child receives it on a regular basis?”

Multi+ Is Your Best Bet

It takes the pressure off of parents to fuss and fight with their kids at every meal to eat healthy.

And with one simple daily serving at breakfast, you can ensure your child is getting the proper nutrients they need to thrive and maximize their physical and mental development.

Try a bottle now!

Aspire Nutrition multivitamin supplement facts
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Multi+ Multi-Vitamin Capsules

Multi+ Multi-Vitamin Capsules

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
66 Reviews
Multi+ Multi-Vitamin Powder Unflavored

Multi+ Multi-Vitamin Powder Unflavored

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
66 Reviews
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients?

Please refer to the supplement fact panel image.

Are there any allergens?

Multi+ is gluten free, Non-GMO, soy-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and vegan.

What is the recommended Serving size?

Up to 100 lbs: Take 1 capsule daily Over 101 lbs: Take 2 capsules daily.

Are there any expected Reactions?

It is advised to take the capsules with a meal to avoid an upset stomach.

How is it manufactured/tested?

The manufacturing facility is cGMP certified upholding and exceeding the highest standards. Ingredients are carefully sourced and 100% tested in house as well as by an ISO certified independent, third party lab.

How best to serve?

Multi+ capsules can be swallowed or opened up and added to a food or beverage. Mult+ Tropical Flavored and Unflavored Powders can be mixed into food, water, juice etc.

Who can take it?

Multi+ is for adults and children ages 4 & up.

When should it be taken?

We suggest taking it whenever you can get into the habit of taking it daily with a meal. It's important to be consistent.

How long can it be taken for?

Multi+ is a natural supplement and can be taken as long as you find it beneficial.

How should it be stored?

Multi+ should be stored in a cool, dry place.

Is it organic?

No, it is not certified organic.

Is it non-GMO?

It is Non-GMO.

What is the capsule size?

The capsule size is a 00. The powder scoop is 2.5 grams.

Is it FDA approved?

Regarding FDA approval, the FDA is not authorized to review and approve dietary supplement products for safety and effectiveness which includes All-Star Nutritional supplements and the ones you buy in the store. That said, dietary supplements are regulated products.

Dietary supplement marketing, manufacturing, labeling, and advertising are all covered by regulations enforced by FDA and the Federal Trade Commission. *Here is a great article -

Can this be taken during pregnancy?

As with any dietary supplement we recommend consulting your healthcare practitioner.

How long is it good for? Shelflife?

The best-by date is printed on the label.

Is it soy-free?

Multi+ is soy free.

About Author: Marty Orefice

Marty Orefice, founder of Aspire Nutrition

Hello, my name is Marty Orefice, founder of All-Star Nutrition & Aspire Nutrition.

In 2017 I started All-Star Nutrition with a group of dedicated parents, chemists, and nutrition experts.

Together, we were, and remain to be, committed to making it simple, easy, and affordable to achieve optimal health in a time where drug companies and
food manufactures have made it difficult.

We commit to ensuring ONLY the safest, purest, and highest-quality ingredients make it inside of our bottles.

Our standards and integrity match our commitment to helping millions of people write better, more vibrant stories about their lives...while they’re still holding the pen.

* These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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