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Broccoli Sprouts and Autism

Broccoli Sprouts and Autism

Broccoli Sprouts and Autism

Is An “Old Vegetable” With A “New Look” Easing The Symptoms Of Autism In As Little As 14 Days?

The National Academy Of Sciences Believes so, and they can prove it. Here’s what they discovered in a recent study. First, It’s important to know this. It’s not exactly “new” news that Broccoli Sprouts contain a potent healing chemical known as sulforaphane.

Since the early 90’s, it’s been best known to help prevent certain types of cancer. However, in a recent report published by the “Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences” - they found pretty significant and promising evidence that suggest sulforaphane also reduces the core symptoms of Autism. The study consisted of an 18-week assessment in which researchers randomly selected half a group of boys with moderate to severe Autism and gave them daily supplements containing sulforaphane.

The other half of the group took a placebo pill.

The results after the 18-week assessment were impressive, to say the least.

Broccoli Sprouts and Autism Study Highlights

  • 46 Percent of the boys who took the sulforaphane supplement had significant improvements in social interaction.
  • 42 Percent had significant improvements in verbal communication.
  • 54 Percent had substantial decreases in abnormal behaviors.

The majority of the boys who were chosen to take the active supplement began showcasing noticeable improvements in the first four weeks. In some cases even as early as 14 days.

Improvements were found in the following symptoms:

  • Irritability
  • Lethargy
  • Repetitive Movements
  • Unusual Mannerisms
  • Hyperactivity
  • Awareness
  • Communication

As if that wasn’t exciting enough four weeks after the subjects were taken off the daily supplements the follow-up evaluations showed autism symptoms returning to pre-supplement levels. By contrast, the boys who received the placebo showed little or no change at any point during the study.

In other words, once the kids started taking the supplements - their symptoms gradually decreased, and once they got off the supplements the symptoms came right back. The subjects that never received the supplements at any time of the assessment experienced ZERO change. “Sulforaphane” is the only variable between reduced symptoms and unchanged symptoms.

Perhaps the most exciting and promising results of note from Dr. Zimmerman (a pediatric neurologist at UMass Memorial Medical Center and co-researcher for this project) was the behavioral changes they noticed in 13 of the subjects before they even knew which subjects received the sulforaphane. Both researchers and parents noticed dramatic changes in 13 of the participants.

These changes include but are not limited to the following:

  • Looking others in the eye
  • Shaking hands for the first time
  • Improved social interaction and emotional connectedness

What did all 13 subjects have in common? All 13 of them had been taking sulforaphane.

So What Does This Mean?

Should We Just Have Our Children Eat a Bunch of Broccoli Sprouts Every Day? Not exactly, the vegetables by themselves don’t contain the same levels of sulforaphane as the supplements did during the study. To potentially get the same level of results as the study you will have to find a supplement that produces high levels of sulforaphane. A supplement like Bio-Clear.

Is This Finally a Cure For Autism?

No. Absolutely NOT. The study nor the researchers are attempting to claim that this is potentially a cure for autism. It’s simply a way to help treat the symptoms of autism.

Here’s an excellent way to look at it. If autism is a bonfire sulforaphane is a way to reduce the flames and cool the fire down, but it doesn’t put the fire out. Anyone or anything that claims it can cure autism is probably not the most credible source.

Here’s What This Study Means

The most efficient and effective solutions to heal the symptoms of autism continue to be found in the way we treat our gut (The food we eat and the supplements we take).

It’s another one of many professionally administered studies conducted in some of the world’s most prestigious laboratories that keep finding key evidence that shows the brain and gut are intimately connected.

More times than not, when there are issues involving the brain, such as:

  • ASD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Without fail, there’s a compelling study revealing the path to healing (NOT CURING) is through the gut via nutrition and supplementation.

Where Can I Find The Best Broccoli Sprout Supplements?

Most specialty vitamin stores carry some variation of a broccoli sprout supplement. However, be careful which one you choose to use for your child.

Most of the broccoli sprout supplements lack the most vital enzyme, Myrosinas – which means it can’t produce sulforaphane… which means you won’t get any noticeable results for your child.

The others are typical of low quality and not very effective due to the supplement companies trying to take shortcuts and under-dose key ingredients to increase their profit margins.

Here’s What To Look For When Buying Broccoli Sprout Supplement

Look for the Broccoli-Sprout supplements that are “Pharmaceutical Grade” which mean they have gone through extensive laboratory testing and proven to yield optimal levels of essential ingredients and nutrients such as sulforaphane. The higher the levels sulforaphane, the more noticeable the results will be.

Also, no supplement can be useful if the kids don’t consistently take it. So, definitely look for reviews about “taste."

Unless you have an IV handy at your house or your kids like the taste of watery chalk – most broccoli-sprout products are difficult to choke down and cause "broccoli burps."

Bio-Clear has no flavor and does not cause the dreadful broccoli burps. It’s also one of the few products on the market that kids actually will take which makes it easy to implement in a daily routine.

If you want to decrease your child’s repetitive behavior, irritability and increase their social awareness and communication in as little as 14-30 days by simply taking a supplement once per day, then grab a bottle of Bio-Clear, one of the most effective supplements for children with Autism I've used.

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