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Symptoms vs. Causes

Many people can relate to the following symptoms: constipation, bloating, joint pain, brain fog, autism (symptoms), ADD/ADHD, memory, speech development, mood, stress, asthma, acne, disease, immunity, poor sleep, and allergies. We think of symptoms as smoke alarms triggered by one the three causes, or fires in your body:

- Unhealthy Gut
- Toxicity
- Inflammation

Most supplements, medications and therapies seek to put a band-aid on the symptom, but ignore the problem; which is like pouring water on a smoke alarm instead of the fire.

We don’t formulate our supplements to pour water on smoke alarms, we formulate them to put out fires.

Aspire supplements are designed to fix the problem that is causing the symptoms and help people of all ages optimize their long-term health, vitality and development.

The Core 4

When people ask questions like, “What is the ultimate stack of supplements my family should take to protect us and optimize our health?” The answer is simple and always the same, “The Core 4.” We believe these four supplements can help anyone achieve their full potential and put out all three fires.

Gut health meets detoxing meets inflammation health

Learn More About the Core Areas of Health:

Gut Health

The gut is such a critical part of the body that Harvard and Johns Hopkins researchers are now calling it, “the 2nd brain.” Your ability to digest food, fight off disease and absorb vital nutrients is predicated on the health of your gut. Nearly 70% of your immune system defenses live in your gut and more than 90% of your body’s serotonin (a hormone that affects sleep and mood) is produced in your gut.

For these reasons (and more), we believe healing your gut, protecting it and optimizing it’s performance should be your #1 priority. Which is why we designed Bio-Heal (or Bio-Heal PRO+) as the ultimate gut health formula and where we think everyone should start. Bio-Heal is an advanced probiotic formula, an ideal solution for anyone experiencing any of the following symptoms of an unhealthy gut:

• Constipation
• Diarrhea
• Leaky Gut
• Acne
• Bloating
• Acid Reflux
• Immunity (ability to recover and fight off disease and sickness)
• Insomnia (poor sleep)
• Mood Swings (feeling on-edge)

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Everyday we get bombarded with dangerous toxins that quietly wreak havoc on our bodies. They’re in our food, drinks, water, and household products. Even most so-called healthy foods are infested with toxins.

The consequence of toxicity is:
• Chronic inflammation
• Accelerated aging
• Allergies
• Various diseases
• Physical development
• Cognitive impairment

Fortunately, we created a supplement that detoxes the body on a daily basis; healing you from any damage already done and fortifying your body's ability to defend itself from toxins.

Bio-Clear stimulates nature’s most potent detoxification substance ever identified, sulforaphane. We recommend that this key supplement be taken daily to help your body clear out harmful toxins.

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Inflammation is the underlying link to the majority of disorders and health challenges including:

• Diabetes
• Arthritis and Joint Health
• Memory loss (Alzheimers)
• Autism
• Asthma
• Cancer
• Cardiovascular diseases
• Vision issues
• Lack of focus (ADD and ADHD)
• Weak immune system
• Lack of energy

A factor that has been studied to increase inflammation is the imbalance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Standard american diets contain high amounts of omega-6, so supplementing your diet with omega-3 can help restore the balance and healthy inflammation levels.

Our recommended supplement to fight this chronic inflammation and help prevent it from flaring up, is Beyond Omega.

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Our bodies use nutrients, vitamins, and minerals as fuel to develop optimal levels of strength, energy, cognition, and vitality. The problem is it’s nearly impossible to get the proper amount of nutrients through diet alone. And the majority of multivitamins don’t supply nearly enough variety or potency to be sufficient. Plus, due to the way most multivitamins are formulated; our bodies struggle to absorb what little nutrients, vitamins and minerals they have to offer.

That’s why we created Multi+. It’s the most robust and bioavailable (easy-to-absorb) multivitamin on the market.

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