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Chronic Inflammation and Autism

Chronic Inflammation and Autism

Chronic Inflammation and Autism

One Arizona State study revealed the results of chronic inflammation. The parallels to behaviors of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are shocking. Here’s what they found happened with inflammation.

Here’s what they found happened with inflammation

Inflammation caused cell death in the brain and reduced brain cell formation. In other words, brain cells were dying, and fewer brain cells were being formed.

Inflammation also reduced the response and release of Oxytocin, the hormone responsible for:

  • Social interaction
  • Love
  • Human connection
  • Repetitive behavior
  • Hyper-sensitivities
  • Motor (movement and coordination) issues

Do those results and symptoms sound familiar? Here the kicker. In the same study, when they introduced PROBIOTICS (good healthy bacteria) and a non-inflammatory diet to the test-subjects, inflammation went down, and virtually all the behaviors and symptoms improved dramatically, and in some cases even went away.

This is why it’s critical to:

  1. Reduce the inflammation inside of people with Autism
  2. Avoid behavior and habits that cause inflammation

Let's put this in layman's terms

Your gut directly communicates with your brain – if you have an unhealthy gut, you’ll have an unhealthy brain. (Learn more about Autism and the Gut-Brain Axis.)

The majority of people with ASD have a bacteria imbalance in their gut which leads to toxins and pathogens entering their bloodstream which creates a chronic inflammatory response inside the body.

Inflammation puts pressure on the brain and intensifies (or creates) behaviors of ASD.

“Ok, I get it…so what can I do for my child?”

The easiest answer to help children with Autism is to heal the gut and reduce inflammation. 

But Where Do You Start?

The easiest way to heal the gut and remove inflammation is by simply taking a probiotic on a daily basis. Unfortunately, not all probiotics are created equal.

There are specific ingredients and dosages that we found to be most effective and maximize results for children with Autism. For example, to help heal the gut of a person with Autism, the probiotic must contain a healthy bacteria strain called Lactobacillus Reuteri or L-Reuteri.

Where Can I Get Quality Probiotics?

These days it seems like you can find a probiotic at any local mini-mart. But beware of their safety, quality, and effectiveness. It seems like every vitamin company on the market has quickly thrown a few cheap ingredients together and magically...A “probiotic” appears on their list of products.

But just because there’s technically beef on a big mac, doesn’t mean it’s the same as the prime rib at the steakhouse.

The fact is, there are a special blend and a specific amount of unique ingredients that must be combined to specifically help children with autism effectively.

Learn more about Aspire Gut Health Supplements today.

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